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Radicle Health provides access to attentive, expert care for patients with chronic and age-related illnesses.

As a Radicle Health Clinician Network patient, you can expect:

Our undivided attention.

Whether it's your first appointment or your fiftieth, our knowledgeable healthcare professionals and highly trained support staff will listen carefully to the conditions and symptoms you're experiencing, and work closely with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

Customized care.

At each appointment, a Radicle Health Clinician Network healthcare professional will assess your prescription medications to identify any potential contraindications. Our healthcare professionals work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes products, dosing, and frequency. And, our healthcare professionals always discuss the benefits and potential side effects of all facets of the treatment plan.

Ongoing support.

A Radicle Health Clinician Network healthcare professional provides guidance on how to administer your medical cannabis. Also, Radicle Health provides the support that you need to understand local cannabis laws and to navigate the issues you may encounter when attempting to obtain your medicine.

Powerful community.

As a Radicle Health member, you will have access to informational, educational, and social events. 

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