I have had back pain for about 20 years. Doctors have tried everything including fusion--all to no avail. I also have Restless Leg Syndrome. A friend recommended that I see Eloise. The day of my appointment, I was greeted by Eloise and Rebecca and then went into Eloise's office. She studied the paperwork that I brought with me and asked what was the most important thing that I wanted help with. I explained the RLS was so bad, it was making everything else worse. She then explained about cannabis and described what my options were. After our discussion, she set up an account and ordered what she thought would help. That afternoon, the product was delivered. It only took a week of following Eloise's directions and I finally could sleep. My legs were quiet all night. I highly recommend Radicle Health. If you have a problem, they can help. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and want to help.

~Joyce E.

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