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Radicle Health Cannabis Curriculum: Advocate Resources

Learning Objectives

Congratulations! You have completed the Beginner's modules and now have  foundational cannabis knowledge. It's now time to extend your education to include an understanding of extractions, routes of administration, and considerations specific to senior cannabis users.

After completing the Advocate's phase of the Radicle Health curriculum, you will be able to:

  • Describe CO2 and butane-based    extraction methods, FECO, distillates, and isolates.    

  • Explain the entourage effect and cite the data that explains why whole-plant cannabis extracts might be more effective and better tolerated than isolated cannabinoids.

  • Describe the six routes of administration and explain the onset, duration of action, and unique set of effects of each.  

  • Explain why seniors cannabis users are unique, the challenges they must overcome, and the benefits of using cannabis to help treat age-related and chronic illness. 


Radicle Health offers two distinct learning paths, each of which is targeted to a specific audience:

Healthcare Professionals Track

This learning path is designed specifically for healthcare professionals. The content contains information that is relevant to a clinical setting. Upon completion of all content, nurses can apply for continuing education credits.

Advocates and Educators Track

This learning path is designed audiences who are not clinicians and who do not work in a clinical setting. The content you'll cover in this learning path is ideal for industry stakeholders, advocates, and educators.

Advocate Courses

Advcocates should complete the following modules:

Healthcare Professionals Track:

Extractions and Routes of Administration


Advocates and Educators Track:

Extractions and Routes of Administration


Radicle Community

The Radicle Community is comprised of advocates, educators, healthcare professionals, and cannabis stakeholders and provides support, information, and resources to its members.


Members of the Radicle Community have access to monthly Radicle Health information webinars, Q&A sessions, members-only articles and educational resources, the Radicle Forum, and the Radicle Newsletter.

Advocate's Quiz | 

Are you ready to move on to the next learning phase? Take the quiz to ensure that you have a solid understanding of the Advocates phase learning objectives.

Educators | 

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