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Radicle Health Cannabis Curriculum: Educator Resources

Learning Objectives

If you have completed Radicle Health curriculum package, Cannabis Foundations, you're beginning to build expertise in the cannabis space.

After completing the next course, Advanced Cannabis Science and Therapeutics, you'll be ready to begin teaching others about cannabis. Completing  

Advanced Cannabis Science and Therapeutics can ensure that you know how to: 

  • Follow the 6 Principles of Essential Knowledge

  • Understand general guidelines for assessing and dosing patients

  • Describe the cell receptors, enzymes, ligands, and drug transporters relevant to cannabinoid pharmacodynamics

  • Describe how cannabinoids are absorbed, metabolized, distributed, and excreted

  • Understand how to assess drug interactions when working with cannabinoids

  • Describe the history, research, uses, and adverse side effects of synthetic cannabinoids

  • Understand the considerations that are unique to senior cannabis users 

Educator Courses

Educators should complete the following online curriculum package:

Radicle Health Advanced Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Course

Radicle Community

The Radicle Community is comprised of advocates, educators, healthcare professionals, and cannabis stakeholders and provides support, information, and resources to its members.


Members of the Radicle Community have access to monthly Radicle Health information webinars, a Radicle Community Facebook group, and the Radicle Newsletter.

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