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What to Expect

All RHCN patients receive:

  • A comprehensive, 1-hour intake meeting with a knowledgeable clinician and trained support staff.

  • A review of the condition that you want to treat.


  • An assessment of your prescription medications to identify potential contraindications with cannabis.


  • A comprehensive treatment plan that includes products, dosing, and titration schedule.


  • Guidance on how to administer medicines and use devices.


  • Discussion of the benefits and potential side effects of the recommended treatment plan.


  • Ongoing support to help you navigate the complexities of cannabis treatment, local laws, and access issues.

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Additional Service Details

The initial consultation fee includes a check-in  (approximately 2-3 weeks after your initial appointment) with your healthcare professional.  A check-in includes:

  • Two brief emails. Emails are typically answered in 48 business hours and should be related to the information included in the treatment or discussed during consultation.
  • One 10-minute phone call, if necessary. If you need to speak with your healthcare professional, you can schedule one 10-minute phone call. Typically, RHCN healthcare professionals are available to schedule calls between 9-10am, Monday through Thursday.

    Note: A check-in meeting is not designed to discuss changes to your diagnosis, dramatic changes to your health or living situation, or more complex or nuanced issues. To address these types of issues, schedule a 30-minute follow-up appointment. Thirty-minute follow-up appointments are available in office or by phone.
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