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Radicle Health Vaping Statement

Radicle Health has always—and will continue to—recommend that patients use vaporizer products that contain only pure cannabis oil and natural, plant-derived terpenes.

To our knowledge, no California compliant and tested vaporizer product made with pure cannabis oil and natural, plant-derived terpenes, and sold through licensed cannabis retailers or licensed delivery services, are involved in any CDC warning or investigation.

Radicle Health strongly recommends that all patients:

  • Never purchase or inhale concentrates that contain additives such as Vitamin E acetate, polyethylene glycol (PEG), propylene glycol (PG), coconut oil, MCT oil, or any other emulsifiers or synthetic agents.

  • Purchase cannabis products only through state-licensed cannabis retailers or licensed delivery services.

  • Never purchase products sold through an illicit market or from any non-licensed dispensary or delivery service. These products are likely not tested and can be easily counterfeited.

Some dispensaries and delivery companies have also issued statements. For example, you find the Sava vaping statement here:

Finally, see your product manufacturer’s website to confirm the ingredients of your vaping products and contact Radicle Health if you have questions.

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