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Radicle Health Returns Cannabis Health Care Back To Healthcare Professionals

For Immediate Release

Radicle Health Returns Cannabis Health Care Back To Healthcare Professionals

Walnut Creek, CA, 5 June 2018

Radicle Health is a new organization in the East Bay that provides access to medical and educational cannabis resources.

Radicle Health continues the work that began with a strategic partnership between Eloise Theisen’s Green Health Consultants and the Concord-based delivery and consulting service The Agathist Collective—to ensure that every cannabis patient receives medical advice from a knowledgeable and experienced healthcare professional, to provide people and organizations with fact-based cannabis education, and to empower communities to make informed policy decisions about cannabis regulation.

Radicle Health provides access to a team of healthcare professionals trained under Eloise Theisen, co-founder of Radicle Health Clinician Network (RHCN), previously Green Health Consultants. Eloise Theisen is a board-certified Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. She received her Post Masters certification from University of Massachusetts, Boston, an MSN in Nursing Administration from California State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from San Francisco State University.

Eloise was one of the first healthcare professionals to bring a clinical dosing regimen to the cannabis space. She has met with over 4500 patients and has assembled the knowledge and data to use cannabis to treat a broad range of conditions and disease, especially those that commonly afflict seniors—pain, insomnia, anxiety, and depression. There are very few healthcare professionals in the United States with a comparable level of cannabis expertise and experience.

Radicle Health recognizes the complexity of cannabis treatment, where chemovar groups, extraction methods, product variants, and patient biochemistry necessitate a comprehensive and collaborative approach to developing individual patient treatment plans.

“For too long, misguided legislation and fear of legal retribution has forced the responsibility of cannabis healthcare out of the hands of licensed healthcare professionals and into the retail sphere. In fact, many budtenders often hear from their customers that the dispensary employees know more about using cannabis to treat conditions of illness than the customer’s healthcare provider. Dispensary employees have been on the front lines of cannabis activism, providing help and guidance to patients who could find no help elsewhere. These men and women should be applauded for their work,” said Timothy Byars, CEO of Radicle Health.

“That said, evaluating a patient and creating a treatment plan, especially for an older adult, is complex. We can’t expect a person with a non-medical degree to adequately assess a patient’s needs when that patient is suffering from illness or taking multiple medications. The cannabis industry must be proactive about moving health care back into the hands of healthcare professionals. We must educate the medical community about using cannabis as a treatment modality, and disabuse the general public and local leaders of eight decades of misinformation. That’s what we intend to do.”

Radicle Health can schedule a 1-hour comprehensive patient consultation for you, can provide your team of healthcare professionals or industry staff with training, and can provide an experienced and knowledgeable speaker for your next event.

Call (925) 357-8316 or visit for more information.

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