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Radicle Health Cannabis Curriculum: Beginner Resources

Learning Objectives

If you're new to cannabis or to Radicle Health, this is the best place to start. After completing the Radicle Health Cannabis Foundations curriculum package, you will be able to:

  • Describe the endocannabinoid system and how cannabis works in the human body

  • Understand cannabinoids and terpenes 

  • Describe different extraction methods and why they’re important for consumers to understand

  • Describe the benefits of whole plant cannabis vs. isolates

  • Describe methods for administering or consuming cannabis 

  • Understand how to choose safe products

  • Describe the allergens typically found in cannabis plants

  • Understand how to determine the potency of flowers, understand the concept of milligrams per milliliter, and understand strength vs. ratio

  • Facilitate care outside the scope of healthcare licensure

  • Describe prevailing myths and misconceptions about cannabis and understand how to address them

Beginner's Courses

Beginners should start with the Radicle Health Cannabis Foundations online curriculum package:

Radicle Health Cannabis Foundations Course

Radicle Community

The Radicle Community is comprised of advocates, educators, healthcare professionals, and cannabis stakeholders and provides support, information, and resources to its members.


Members of the Radicle Community have access to monthly Radicle Health information webinars, a Radicle Community Facebook group, and the Radicle Newsletter.


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