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Radicle Health does not sell or distribute medicine.

Community Events

Check our Events page for information about Radicle Health speaking engagements and for information about seminars, presentations, and group meetings that we hold in our office space in Walnut Creek. Or, contact us for information about cannabis laws, the state of the industry, and how you can get more involved.  

Info on Local Laws

Do you want to know what’s happening in your city and county? The Orange County Register has collected policy information from all 482 cities and 58 counties in the state of California, and has created a website for people to find and use this data. You'll find information about specific city and county policies, whether a city allows cannabis businesses, and how city and county tax rates compare, among other data.

Legislating Cannabis

Are you an elected official looking for information about the cannabis industry? Contact us to set up a meeting or to request information. Radicle Health can provide information or industry contacts to help your city develop rational and fair regulations that meet the needs of your residents.